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Whether you are taking a course to fulfill a requirement at your home institution, doing research with a Notre Dame faculty member, seeking professional development, or taking a course for personal enrichment, you will find many ways to get ahead and learn something new. Take advantage of the quiet and relaxed atmosphere. It is a wonderful change of pace. Thanks to close interaction with faculty, summer provides many academic opportunities in a comfortable and enjoyable setting. Summer is a great time to take advantage of both Notre Dame's scholarship and spiritual life.

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*Click on apply and select the application for visiting students. 

*Visiting students are considered those who are degree-seeking at another institution, taking classes for professional development or personal enrichment, visiting international students, ACE-ENL participants, ACE-PIE participants, students in the Phoenix Institute, and other non-degree summer programs.

Undergraduate students entering their first year at Notre Dame in the fall must get permission to take summer courses from Assistant Provost for Academic Advising Elly Brenner. Graduate students entering their first year at Notre Dame in the fall must notify their department that they wish to take a summer course. Rising freshman at other Universities wishing to take a course at Notre Dame can complete the application without contacting Elly. 

Reasons to take classes in the summer:

  • They are small and interactive
  • You can get ahead on your coursework
  • You can lighten your load during the regular semesters
  • You can have more personal contact with instructors
  • You can meet students from other institutions studying or doing research at Notre Dame
  • You can participate in intramural sports and participate in summer events planned by the Student Activities Office