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General Course FAQs

When can I see what courses are offered? 

Class Search will become available on December 11 for Summer 2024. Courses are subject to change. 

Am I eligible to take Summer Session courses?

Summer Session courses are open to all students 18 years and older (see Pre-College Programs for high school students). 

Current Notre Dame students are eligible and can register through insideND.

Undergraduate students entering their first year at Notre Dame in the fall must get permission to take summer courses. Please contact Assistant Provost for Academic Advising Elly Brenner at or by phone at (574) 631-5539. If approved, students will complete an online application to get activated for the summer. Graduate students entering their first year at Notre Dame in the fall must notify their department that they wish to take a summer course. 

Visiting students wishing to take courses taught in the College of Arts and Letters will register through the online application. 

Visiting students wishing to take courses taught in the College of Science, College of Engineering, and the College of Business will be asked to submit a copy of their transcripts to the Office of the Summer Session in addition to completing the online application. 

Keep in mind that some courses may have prerequisites. It is the student's responsibility to make sure they have fulfilled the necessary pre-requisites before starting a summer course. Pre-requisites are listed in the detail section next to the course information in Class Search.

When is the registration deadline?

Generally, you can add a course up until the first day of class. Some courses can even be added after the first class day. For more information, click on registration dates and deadlines

In addition, you can check registration dates and deadlines for individual classes by visiting this link (available in early May). 

How many courses can I take?

Students can register for several courses; however, there is a maximum number of credit hours allowed based on your student status. 

Graduate Students: Maximum - 10 credit hours / no minimum
Undergraduate Students: Maximum - 8 credit hours / no minimum
Visiting International Students must take a minimum of 6 credit hours.

Any credit hours over the maximum must be approved by the associate or assistant dean for academic affairs of the student's college. 

Can I audit a course or sit in on a class?

Degree-seeking Notre Dame students are not allowed to audit a course at the undergraduate level and approval is required at the graduate level. Visiting students may audit certain graduate-level courses. Tuition rates for auditing a course are the same as taking them for credit. Click tuition rates for more detailed information. 

Students are not allowed to sit in on a class without being properly registered. 

Can I drop a course? 

Current and visiting students can drop courses through insideND/NOVO or via eforms based on the time frame of the drop. Please see the Drop Guide for more information.