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How do I find fully online courses in Class Search?


The university offers several fully online courses in the summer. Click on the carrot next to 'Any Instruction Method' in Notre Dame PATH Class Search and select 'Fully Online'. Fully online courses are listed on the main campus, carry an attribute of 'OLF-Fully Online - 100 percent', and the location under meeting information is listed as ONLINE COURSE.  Fully Online courses can be found in Browse Classes within NOVO by searching on the attribute 'OLF-Fully Online (100 percent). Fully online courses and general information regarding online courses can be found at https://summeronline.nd.edu/


Instruction Method



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Am I eligible to take Summer Session courses?

Summer Session courses are open to all students 18 years and older (see Pre-College Programs for high school students).

Current Notre Dame students are eligible and can register through NOVO.

Applicants (visiting students) wishing to take courses taught in the College of Arts and Letters will register through the online application. 

Applicants (visiting students) wishing to take courses taught in the College of Science, College of Engineering, and the College of Business will be asked to submit a copy of their transcripts to the Office of the Summer Session in addition to completing the online application. 

Undergraduate students entering their first year at Notre Dame in the fall must get permission to take summer courses from Assistant Provost for Academic Advising Elly Brenner. Graduate students entering their first year at Notre Dame in the fall must notify their department that they wish to take a summer course. Rising freshman entering into a different institution can complete an application without contacting Elly Brenner. 

Keep in mind that some courses may have prerequisites. It is the applicant's responsibility to make sure they have fulfilled the necessary pre-requisites before starting a summer course. Pre-requisites are listed in the detail section next to the course information in Class Search.

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How many courses can I take during the Summer Session?

During the summer, students can take several classes; however, there is a maximum number of credit hours allowed based on your student status.

Graduate Students: Maximum - 10 credit hours
Undergraduate Students: Maximum - 8 credit hours

Any credit hours over the maximum must be approved by the associate or assistant dean for academic affairs of the student's college.

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What is the tuition rate for the Summer Session?

Tuition is based on your student level. If you are an employee, tuition is based on the course level.  Please click on Tuition and Financial Aid for more information and rates. Tuition rates for auditing a course are the same as taking them for credit.

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Is financial aid available during the Summer Session?

Federal loans (Direct Loans and Direct PLUS Loans) and private educational loans are available to assist students with their Summer Session financing needs. Information and application procedures are available on the Financial Aid website.

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What is the fee to audit a course?

Tuition rates for auditing a course are the same as taking them for credit. Students are not allowed to sit in a class without being properly registered. Click tuition rates for more detailed information.

Please note that degree-seeking Notre Dame students are not allowed to audit a course at the undergraduate level and approval is required at the graduate level. Students must indicate they are auditing a course within the 'Add' period of the course listed in Class Search.

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When is the due date to pay tuition and fees?

Payment is expected on or before your first day of class. Students who have not received a bill prior to their first day of class should contact the Office of Student Accounts at (574) 631-7113 to make payment arrangements. 

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How do I drop a course?

You can drop a course through insideND/NOVO or via eforms based on the time frame of the drop. Please see the Drop Guide for more information. 

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Why did I get charged tuition for my summer internship (current Notre Dame students)?

If you are a current Notre Dame student participating in a credit-bearing internship in the summer, you will be charged tuition for the internship; however, you might be eligible for an internship exemption and will receive a scholarship toward your internship credits. The scholarship is placed on your student account at the end of the month before statements are released and tuition might be accessed at different times throughout the month. Expect a gap between the tuition being charged to your account and the scholarship being placed on your account. Please contact sumsess.1@nd.edu if you have questions regarding your eligibility for the internship exemption. 

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How do I request my transcript?

Current Students: If you are a current Notre Dame student, you can request your transcript through insideND.

Visiting Students: If you were a visiting student you can request an official paper or official electronic transcript through insideND or through the Office of the Registrar

Transcripts through insideND (through September 22)

  1. Go to insideND

  2. Search for transcript request and press enter

  3. Click the Transcript Request task

Transcripts through the Office of the Registrar ($8 fee per transcript)

  1. Go to the Office of the Registrar transcript request page for detailed information

  2. Click on Former Student Transcript Request to submit a request

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How can I see my grades?

Grades are available based on this calendar.

If you are a current Notre Dame student, you can see your grades through insideND.

If you are not a current Notre Dame student, you can see your grades through insideND until your NetID and password have been inactivated. Once inactivated you no longer have access to insideND and will need to request a transcript through the Office of the Registrar. Grade reports will be mailed to all non-degree-seeking students after the Summer Session is over.

If you are missing a grade, please contact the instructor on record for the course.

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How can I learn about summer research opportunities at Notre Dame? 

The University of Notre Dame is committed to maintaining a vibrant research atmosphere at all levels, including for undergraduate students. For information on undergraduate research at Notre Dame, including summer opportunities, please visit the following links: