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Frequently Asked Questions for Current Notre Dame Students

Click on the links below for the most commonly asked questions about the Summer Session from Current Notre Dame students or explore FAQs specific to visiting students, international students, or employees and their spouses by clicking on the appropriate link.

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How do I register for a summer course?

You can register through insideND just like in the fall and spring terms. 

Registration opens on March 20 at 6:00 AM. Pins are not required.

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When I try to register, I receive an error message saying I need a time-ticket. Who should I contact?

There are a couple of reasons why you might be receiving a time-ticket error.

One reason students receive a time-ticket error is because they are trying to register for a summer course, but they have been admitted (or readmitted) for the fall term. In order to take a course, a student must be active in the system as a summer student. This error is common for students starting a graduate-level program in the fall but wish to take courses in the summer before they start their program. If you fall into this category, make sure your department knows, so they can notify the Graduate School of your early start date. The Graduate School processes early starts once a week. Once the Graduate School activates your account for the summer, the Office of the Registrar has to enter a time-ticket for you. If the Graduate School has activated your account for the summer and you haven't received a time-ticket, send an email to

If you are an undergraduate student and you were not active in the spring term, you must have permission from your dean to take courses during the summer. After you have a discussion with your dean, they can send an email to stating you have permission to take summer courses. If you are given permission, you will need to complete the Summer Session application to get your account activated for the summer. Your courses will be listed as non-degree status until after you have completed them and your dean's office asks the Office of the Registrar to change them to degree status. Once they are coded as degree status, they will count toward your degree.

If you do not fall into the two categories above, please contact and they will help you get a time-ticket.

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I'm studying abroad for part of the summer and taking classes on the main campus too? Why can't I register for my main campus courses? 

Your student record can only be coded with one campus code during the summer. If your student campus code doesn't match the campus code of the course, you will not be able to register on your own. For example, this will happen if you are studying abroad for the summer but wish to take a course on campus when you return. Therefore, please complete the registration form and we will register you for the course(s) you request. Please keep in mind, filling out the registration form does not automatically register you for the course(s) you request. We will register you as soon as possible if no restrictions prohibit us from registering you. You will be notified one way or the other through the email address you provide on the registration form. 

How many courses can I take in the summer?

During the summer, students can take several classes; however, there is a maximum number of credit hours allowed based on your student status.

Graduate Students: Maximum - 10 credit hours
Undergraduate Students: Maximum - 8 credit hours

Any credit hours over the maximum must be approved by the associate or assistant dean for academic affairs of the student's college.

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What is the tuition rate in the summer?

Tuition is based on your student level. Click tuition for summer rates. Tuition rates for auditing a course are the same as taking them for credit.

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Why did I get charged tuition for my summer internship?

If you are a current Notre Dame student participating in a credit-bearing internship in the summer, you will be charged tuition for the internship; however, you are eligible for an internship exemption and will receive a scholarship toward your internship credits. The scholarship is placed on your student account at the end of the month before statements are released and tuition might be accessed at different times throughout the month. Expect a gap between the tuition being charged to your account and the scholarship being placed on your account.

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Is financial aid available during the summer?

Federal loans (Direct Loans and Direct PLUS Loans) and private educational loans are available to assist students with their Summer Session financing needs. Information and application procedures are available on the Financial Aid website

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How do I make changes to my summer schedule (add/drop classes)?

You can add courses through insideND through the posted Add Deadlines and you can drop courses through insideND through the posted Drop Deadlines (for a full refund). Add and drop dates are posted at Registration Dates and Deadlines. Please keep in mind, the system does not allow you to drop all of the classes on your schedule; therefore, if you have one remaining on your schedule which you need to drop, you must send a request to drop to

Changes to your schedule after the add and drop deadlines must be made on an Academic Course Change form; which can be obtained at the department offering the course or the dean's office.

A couple of helpful hints:

Because the system does not allow you to drop your last class. Try adding the course you want to take before you drop the one you don't want to take. If that doesn't work because of a time conflict, you can try adding a different course and adding and dropping until you get the course you want to take. To make it easier, you can email or call the Office of the Registrar at (574) 631-7043. You can also stop by our office at 300 Grace Hall.

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Why did I receive a notification to complete ND Roll Call?

If you are registered for a course (even if it is a research course, internship, special studies) you still have to complete the ND Roll Call process through insideND.

If you click on 'add or drop classes' within insideND but do not actually register for a course, the system will be tricked into thinking you are taking a summer course and you will be placed on the listserv to receive information on completing the ND Roll Call process. Send an email to and this error can be reversed. If you meant to go into the fall registration and ended up in summer by mistake, the same problem will occur.

If you went through the ND Roll Call process and indicated you are not taking classes in the summer, the system does not let us know and it appears as if you have not completed it. Send an email to and we can remove your courses. 

In the fall and spring terms, if you do not complete the ND Roll Call process, you will be removed from all your courses. This is not the case in the summer because of all the different session start dates. If you expected to have your courses removed by not completing ND Roll Call, please send an email to

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Am I eligible for housing if I am doing research or an internship on campus this summer?

In order to be eligible for housing, you must be registered for a course.

If you are doing research in the summer, you can register for Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU). The course requires department approval. You can request approval from the course department or the undergraduate studies office.

REU Courses

AL 48999, BIOS 48999, EE 48999, CBE 48999, EG 48999, PHYS 48999, SC 48999. 

These courses are 0-credit hours, so there is no tuition. They are not graded and do not show up on a transcript.

If you are doing an internship on-campus this summer, you need to be registered for an internship course in order to be eligible for housing.

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How do I apply for summer housing?

The housing application is found through insideND. The application is available starting April 15.

If you are doing research in the summer, your hiring department might have already made arrangements. Please check with them before you complete a housing application.

More detailed information about summer housing can be found at On-Campus Housing.

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How do I apply for meal plans in the summer?

The meal plan application is separate from the housing application and can be found at Meal Plan Application starting on May 16.


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