Online Courses (Summer 2018)

For Credit Online Summer Courses

Make the most of your summer break by taking one of Notre Dame’s eight online, for credit courses. Not on campus? Not a problem! Taught by Notre Dame faculty and offered for Notre Dame credit, these fully online courses are designed to allow students who are not  in the South Bend area to take Notre Dame courses remotely. 

The courses are typically eight weeks in length and are delivered fully online. combining live weekly meetings online with self-scheduled lectures, problems, assignments, and interactive learning materials.  To participate, students will need to have a computer with webcam, reliable internet connection, and a quiet place to participate in live sessions. All enrollment and registration is handled through Summer Sessions procedures.


Current Notre Dame students can register through insideND starting March 21, 2018 at 5:00 a.m.

Visiting students can register by completing a Summer Session application. The application for Summer 2018 will be available starting March 21. 

Tuition Fees

Tuition was $1,058 per credit hour in 2017, TBA for 2018. 
Tuition bills are usually generated at the end of May and payment is expected by the first class day. For more information regarding payment, please click on Tuition & Financial Aid

Courses Available: 

Course Credits  CRN Dates

Live Meeting Times
(Eastern Time)

Comments Tuition

 Prob and Stats for DS

TBD         6/4 - 7/27 TBD   TBD

Python for Data Science

TBD 6/4 - 7/27 TBD   TBD
R for Data Science
TBD 6/4 - 7/27 TBD   TBD

Linear Models

TBD 6/4 - 7/27 TBD   TBD

BIOS 14110

3637 6/4 - 7/27 TBD Univ. Req. Natural Sci TBD
BIOS 24251
TBD 6/4 - 7/27 TBD   TBD
CSE 44648
Data Science
3487 6/4 - 7/27 TBD  For Juniors and Seniors only TBD
CDT 44640
Data Science
3500 6/4 - 7/27   TBD   TBD
TBD 6/4 - 7/27   TBD   TBD
ENGL 24156
Intro First Amendment
3324 6/4 - 7/27 TBD Univ. Req. in Literature TBD
FIN 24150
Corporate Financial Management
3621 6/4 - 7/27 TBD   TBD
FIN 34211
Managerial Economics
3484 6/4 - 7/13 TBD Required for students in the Mendoza
College of Business
FTT 44600
Shakespeare and Film
3163 6/4 - 7/ 27 TBD Univ. Req. in Fine Arts TBD
MATH 14360
Calculus B
3162 6/4 - 7/27 TBD Students who are on campus may
take this course.
MATH 24550
Calculus III
3.5 3623 6/4 - 7/27 TBD Students who are on campus may
take this course.
PHIL 14101 
God and the Good Life
3488 6/4 - 7/27 TBD Univ. First Req. in Philosophy TBD
PHIL 24632
Robot Ethics
3887 6/4 - 7/27 TBD Univ. Second Req. in Philosophy TBD

THEO 44704

3 TBD 6/4 - 7/27 TBD   TBD



For more information on any of these courses, contact the Office of Digital Learning at or (574) 631-8583. 

Policies: Location of Students When students are living on Main campus or closely proximate to Main campus during the summer,  they are not eligible to take online classes as free electives. However, if a specific course is necessary to complete a curricular sequence, contribute to a major or other course of study, AND the course is not offered or not available on campus during the summer, the student may take the online course irrespective of her/his location. Students can request individual exemptions for personal academic reasons. Requests for exemptions from the policy should in the first instance be made to the advisor in the College Dean's office.

No financial aid is available for most summer online courses