When will I receive my grades

Instructors submit grades approximately 72 hours after after the last date of the session. Students can review their grades through insideND based on the schedule below. It is important to note, students' accumulative GPAs are not calculated until the end of the Summer Session and are not accurate until Tuesday, August 1. 



Grades available through insideND

Regular Summer Session (6 weeks) June 19-July 28 Tuesday, August 1
Science 1 (CHEM 10172 & PHYS 30210) (Tues) May 23-June 23 Tuesday, June 27
Session 1 (3 weeks) (Tues) May 30-June 16 Tuesday, June 20
Online Courses (Undergraduate) June 1-July 31 Friday, August 4
Session 2 (3 weeks) June 19-July 7 Tuesday, July 11
Science 2 (CHEM 20273 & PHYS 30220) June 26-July 28 Tuesday, August 1
Session 3 (3 weeks) July 10-July 28 Tuesday, August 1
Special Sessions Varies by class Approximately 4 days after the last class day


Who should I contact if I have a grade missing

If a grade is missing or is listed as "NR" (Not Reported), the student should contact the instructor of the class.